Shaker Style Kitchen

Bowness Kitchen

Shaker style kitchens are ones that focus on being simple and utilitarian. This does not mean they cannot be stylish. Our Bowness Kitchens are shaker style, yet still stylish and can be designed to have a modern or country feel.

The Shakers are a branch of Quakers who formed in 18th centenary England. They believe in the equality of the sexes, pacifism, simple living and simple craftsmanship. The simple craftsmanship is how the simple kitchen style gets its name. Today the Shaker style kitchen is one of the most popular in the UK.

Here at Woodstyle Joinery we work hard to make high quality, solid wood shaker kitchens in Carlisle. We like to use oak and our kitchens are available in any colour of your choosing. We make our Shaker style kitchens ourselves. This mens we can be flexible with our designs to suit your requirements.

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