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slate roof logstote 2 1 4 Cedar Shingle Log Store Log Store Full Log Store Log Store Made in Cumbria Log Store Made in Carlisle Wooden Coal Bunker Timber Log Store Made By a Joiner in Carlisle Quality Wooden Log Store Clever Log Store in Cumbria photo6 log-store-5-

When those cold nights draw in and the fire needs topping up, the last thing you need is trekking right down to the bottom of the garden to find an avalanche of logs you spent yesterday neatly stacking up. Why not let us build you a safe, secure log store, it can be right near your door or somewhere in the garden, perhaps even attached to the garage. Our log stores uk built, here in Carlisle, not only safely keep your log piles from collapsing but also help make better use of the space in your garden or yard, and looking neater and tidier. Whatever your requirements, we have log stores for sale in many shapes, sizes and styles, just leaving you with the job of keeping it stocked up for the winter!

For your own personal log store (sadly not bottomless!) contact us on 01228 512303.

To Find out the dimensions of a logstore to suit you follow the links, Or For your own personal log store (sadly not bottomless!) contact us on 01228 512303.

Single, 1.8m double, 2.4m double, 2.4m double oak frame cedar shingle roof >

Or alternatively see out apex roof Lofstore!

Apex Roof Drawing

Here are some pictures of our log stores.

Log Store Wooden Log Store Quality log store

Open log stores make for quicker and easier access.

Woodstyle Joinery's Log Store Log store made in Carlisle Cumbria Outdoor Log Store

Larger log stores with bolted or locking doors for security are available.

Log Store with lock

Bike shed and log store, one of the many combinations we can build.

Woodstore with bike shed Bikeshed with log store Wooden bike shed and log store

Thanks for looking at our range of Log Stores, if you would like some further assistance please contact us on 01228 512303. Alternatively please visit our joinery showroom in Brisco, Carlisle, Cumbriaclick here to contact us about log stores .

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